VestaCP Installation and Configuration on Amazon Aws EC2

Web hosting servers installation and Configuration

  • We have discussed in the previous post the requirements of servers for web hosting. The servers remains the same for almost all type of web hosting
  • The one application we have choice is the control panel it is the application through which we manage the resources of our server in web browser
  • There are multiple options in selecting control panel.the famous of them are cpanel , plesk, ISPConfig and Webmin the cpanel and plesk are closed source and you have to buy license where as the ISPconfig and Webmin are open source and you can use them free of cost
  • Here we would be using a newly trending VestaCP. It can be considered as a child in the competition but after its study it full fill all our needs and requirements it have a very user friendly interface and easy to install and configure.
  • Mostly, all the control panels install , all the required server by themselves so instead of installing each server separately we will install the panel. And it would make the installations for the server applications
  • The installation of VestaCP is described on there home page( you can access through the url  as below.
ssh root@your.server# Download installation scriptcurl -O
Run it bash
          • Note the username and password in the terminal
          • After the installation goto the Amazon aws management console and add access to the instance on the port 8083
          • Now the browser in url put your IP and port like this
          • Enter your login username and password the username remains admin unless you globally change and if you have provided the password the that would be used otherwise in your terminal it would be shown in the end
          • After login go to firewall and note all the ports with protocol.
          • As you have noted the ports in firewall the next step is again go to amazon aws management console and give access to all the noted ports with protocol
          • Now our web hosting server is ready for further configuration please visit our next post.


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