The Best and Easiest Tool for Rest / Web services Testing and Debuging

Rested Client

At start it was a really hard job to find a tool that can help me in test my rest services.But after a lot of search and testing various tools i came a cross one of the wonderful tool ever built in the century for which i will give finger cross 10/10 or you can say they have just nailed it. is really a great extension for chrome RESTED Client the url is this

Best Android Libraries for Developers (Must Have)

Best Android Libraries You must have

android application development is not as easy as web based application but there are certain libraries and tools which can make you life easier described bellow

ActiveAndroid is a orm library which is very easy to use and configure make the development faster it can be downloaded from

AndroidAnnotations is framework for android which can speed up the development process and help developer to focus on what is important instead of wasting time on none functional things more details on

Universal Image Loader is a library focused on image loading, caching and is best for using with online assets. it can load images async and sync.can be found on

Fuel is a great library for the http protocol based networking as mostly of our applications are based on http so we must have it to faster our development

AndroidPdfViewer Library for displaying PDF documents on Android, with animations, gestures, zoom and double tap support. very easy to setup in project

ZXing If you application involves QR code than you must use ZXing it is purely implemented in java so would be easier to configure



Cento web-panel is an opensource web based control panel which can only be installed on Centos Operating system Here we will discuss its installation on the amazon aws. There is no particular reason for the usage of amazon aws its only due to personal experience.the process of installation on Amazon was is as follow
  • Open amazon was console management and create a new instance on EC2
  • On this instance install CENTOS 6 which is currently the only supported version of centos in cents web-panel
  • after the installation visit the cents web-panel and follow the instructions for the download and installation of latest version of cents web-panel
  • after following the steps you will get the Mysql db administrator password at the end.

Creating Nameservers for your Server in VestaCP

Creating and configuring DNS and  Nameservers

  • As we have setup VestaCP the next phase is configuration
  • Now we are able to access our server with ip address
  • We want to access our server with domain name
  • Setting up the domain name requires to register a domain with domain registrar the most commonly used is
  • So we would be describing the process through using
  • Go to and register a domain like
  • Go to godaddy and click on domain and click on manage

  • Add two hostname using ns1 and ns2 and point to your elastic ip
  • Now change the nameservers of your domain to and

  • Go to your VestaCP and add website and check the DNS and Mail
  • Now go to DNS and edit and change the template to ns-child also change the IP to your elastic IP

  • Now go to the packages and edit the default package and edit the ns records to

  • Save it and you are done with configuring the nameservers and you would able to access the VestaCP using
  • Now you can use these and for other domains to point to your server

VestaCP Installation and Configuration on Amazon Aws EC2

Web hosting servers installation and Configuration

  • We have discussed in the previous post the requirements of servers for web hosting. The servers remains the same for almost all type of web hosting
  • The one application we have choice is the control panel it is the application through which we manage the resources of our server in web browser
  • There are multiple options in selecting control panel.the famous of them are cpanel , plesk, ISPConfig and Webmin the cpanel and plesk are closed source and you have to buy license where as the ISPconfig and Webmin are open source and you can use them free of cost
  • Here we would be using a newly trending VestaCP. It can be considered as a child in the competition but after its study it full fill all our needs and requirements it have a very user friendly interface and easy to install and configure.
  • Mostly, all the control panels install , all the required server by themselves so instead of installing each server separately we will install the panel. And it would make the installations for the server applications
  • The installation of VestaCP is described on there home page( you can access through the url  as below.
ssh root@your.server# Download installation scriptcurl -O
Run it bash
          • Note the username and password in the terminal
          • After the installation goto the Amazon aws management console and add access to the instance on the port 8083
          • Now the browser in url put your IP and port like this
          • Enter your login username and password the username remains admin unless you globally change and if you have provided the password the that would be used otherwise in your terminal it would be shown in the end
          • After login go to firewall and note all the ports with protocol.
          • As you have noted the ports in firewall the next step is again go to amazon aws management console and give access to all the noted ports with protocol
          • Now our web hosting server is ready for further configuration please visit our next post.

          Features of a Common Web-Hosting Server

          Features of a common web-hosting server

          A normal web hosting server requires the following web hosting server applications
          1. Apache server for processing and web based work on ports 80 and 443 or 8080 for communication on http and https execute the application on the server and present result as response to the user
          2. Vsftpd Server it is used to give access to users to upload and data and applications and handle there space on server the communication is done on port 21 and various other ports are used to manage the system for deep knowledge study the ftp passive and active mode file transfer it use the FTP protocol
          3. Bind Server transfer Domain name to specific IP the port used for the processing is 53 and it is using the DNS protocol also called Domain name server
          4. Msql is a database server used for saving data in RDBMS format for the user
          5. Phpmyadmin is an application which is executed through apache server and it is used for accessing and managing data on the mysql in browser
          6. exim a mail server for user to mange there business email it use port 25 and work on smtp protocol
          7. Control panel it is the most important part of any web host to mange there servers
          The above servers would solve the following requirements for our server which can be most easily handout like the below
          • We have the power to add and manage multiple users
          • We can enforce limits on users on the usage of server resources
          • The server give us the way to be backup and manage
          • We can setup task that can be executed on specific time without our needs automatically means Cron system
          • We give the access to the users to manage there database and application in web browser easily
          • We have a view to add send and receive emails
          • A complete web based solution for us and our customers or other users
          The above requirements and handouts give us a road map, which shows what we have to build actually the further installation and configuration would be described in the next post

          Creating and Setting up a Web Hosting Server Using Amazon EC2

          Creating and Setting up a Web Hosting Server

          As there are a lot of web hosting companies available on very cheap costs. why would someone want to setup his own server. There come the needs where some of them can be like these
          1. You don’t have full control
          2. You are scared of data share
          3. You can’t execute a simple command like grip
          4. Your usage is lesser than the fee
          5. Your requirements are increased and the you are unable to increase the resources
          6. You have multiple customers and you want to profit in the hosting service

          If any reason of the above or other and you are committed to setup a hosting service than you are at the right place.
          • For setting up a web hosting service we have two options either we create and deploy our own physical server where we would have to maintain all the resources required for a server physically or we go for Cloud where we rent the required resources.
          • In some cases setting up a physical server would be a waste of resources and time now a days. So we I would be going through how to setup server in cloud which is easy and let the other to maintain for us.
          • There are a lot of cloud Iaas(Infrastructure as a service) services available on the net of which famous are Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean.
          • You can select anyone according to your requirements and usage here I would be using Amazon EC2 due to my previous personnel experience and requirements.
          • You have to create a instance on the server and make it accessible by SSH so that you can install and configure software’s on the server.
          • I have created Ubuntu 14 Instance on EC2 using micro as with requirements we will increases the resources
          • Assign an Elastic IP to the Instance. Which is like static IP but have feature that you can later assign it to another instance
          • Further installation and configuration would be coming up in the future posts