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Android application .apk decompiling

Android application .apk decompiling

Android development is different from general desktop application development it use different languages and package the application as android package. The applications are developed using java and XML mostly. XML is used for designing and java for backed processing it is also the modern application development methodology where program is separated from code it have its own virtual machine for application development is developed by keeping mobile devices resources in mind. Android is a huge platform the Virtual machine used for its application execution is Dalvik VM developed in Google the binaries here for execution are the .apk file so we will focus on how it execute the below figure show the execution of the .apk on android.

Here due to the VM concept the de-compilation process is easy so we will go through de-compilation rather then dissembling.the dissembling and and de-compiling both are easy here because the dissembly code are in form of simula language which is an easy to understand but here we will focus on the de-compilation of the application so below is the process for the purpose of both de-compilation and dissembling.

De-compilation of Android .apk files

Download Apk_OneClick tool from internet using google
Extract the attached achieve to hard disk.
Open the extracted folder.
double-click 'shellext-add.cmd'
It will install the Apk_onclick tool
And will also add the context menu items by right clicking on .apk it would be shown
So here we will de-compile all the .dex files with the it
As we know that .apk is basically an archive for execution
So extract it through 7Zip or any utility

Now Right click again on the and Click on Browse code
Browse the code in jd-gui and save as source project
Place back the code in the extracted apk in its required sequence
Import that in your Eclipse sdk environment and make change as you needed
This is your jd-Gui view which would be familiar to you if you have done of java DE-compilation
Or read out the de java DE-compilation and you will learn
Now you will face som difficulties because the akp don’t give you the full flagged and android importable package so you have to make it by your self or have to make change

Recompilation of Android package to .apk

Make your project formate like of android
Make change through any other editor and save
Use the command line to compile and package the project
Than send it to your phone and check whether you have done the good job or bad
We don’t have showed here a specific way because every one choose and create an easy way in reverse engineering for there self
You can also make the package for eclipse and then compile and make changes in it there but the process would be more time consuming instead of using command line so do it in your way in which you like
We will show you the Dissembling process in future which is the best way for doing it