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Creating and Setting up a Web Hosting Server Using Amazon EC2

Creating and Setting up a Web Hosting Server

As there are a lot of web hosting companies available on very cheap costs. why would someone want to setup his own server. There come the needs where some of them can be like these
  1. You don’t have full control
  2. You are scared of data share
  3. You can’t execute a simple command like grip
  4. Your usage is lesser than the fee
  5. Your requirements are increased and the you are unable to increase the resources
  6. You have multiple customers and you want to profit in the hosting service

If any reason of the above or other and you are committed to setup a hosting service than you are at the right place.
  • For setting up a web hosting service we have two options either we create and deploy our own physical server where we would have to maintain all the resources required for a server physically or we go for Cloud where we rent the required resources.
  • In some cases setting up a physical server would be a waste of resources and time now a days. So we I would be going through how to setup server in cloud which is easy and let the other to maintain for us.
  • There are a lot of cloud Iaas(Infrastructure as a service) services available on the net of which famous are Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean.
  • You can select anyone according to your requirements and usage here I would be using Amazon EC2 due to my previous personnel experience and requirements.
  • You have to create a instance on the server and make it accessible by SSH so that you can install and configure software’s on the server.
  • I have created Ubuntu 14 Instance on EC2 using micro as with requirements we will increases the resources
  • Assign an Elastic IP to the Instance. Which is like static IP but have feature that you can later assign it to another instance
  • Further installation and configuration would be coming up in the future posts