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Creating Nameservers for your Server in VestaCP

Creating and configuring DNS and  Nameservers

  • As we have setup VestaCP the next phase is configuration
  • Now we are able to access our server with ip address
  • We want to access our server with domain name
  • Setting up the domain name requires to register a domain with domain registrar the most commonly used is
  • So we would be describing the process through using
  • Go to and register a domain like
  • Go to godaddy and click on domain and click on manage

  • Add two hostname using ns1 and ns2 and point to your elastic ip
  • Now change the nameservers of your domain to and

  • Go to your VestaCP and add website and check the DNS and Mail
  • Now go to DNS and edit and change the template to ns-child also change the IP to your elastic IP

  • Now go to the packages and edit the default package and edit the ns records to

  • Save it and you are done with configuring the nameservers and you would able to access the VestaCP using
  • Now you can use these and for other domains to point to your server